I can proudly say that completed my resolution for 2019 by eliminating stress from my life and a version of myself that I am proud of! I recognize resolutions as dreams of a future self; it starts with a vision, turns into plans, and manifests with consistency. This year, blocking the stressful energies lost me my job and truck, caused my family to live without essential utilities, and threatened us with homelessness. I stayed encouraged and motivated, decided to listen to and trust my Spirit, appreciate the journey, and find joy in all of life’s experiences.

Now I am a business owner, entrepreneur, full-time Mom, flat broke and living the most stress-free that I have! It hasn’t been easy making all of these sacrifices but I thank my family and friends for giving me the space I needed to love myself again. We have all had to adjust our lifestyles drastically to embrace my, very dramatic, journey toward creative entrepreneurship and self-mastery. On my journey, I chose to be forthright about my family’s economic situation and it taught me to ask for help when I need it and to help others when I can.

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