I grew up in the 90s, when elders lived by the phrase “what goes on in the house, stays in the house”, and I have always been very private about my personal life. So when I decided to share that my utilities were disconnected on a Facebook post, it naturally threw my family and friends for a loop. I was overwhelmed by the amount of care and love that surrounded me; people from all over the country sent their support.

I learned then how terribly I had misjudged the people in my life, letting fear and worry lead me to assume no one paid any attention to my life or cared for my well-being. Professing my struggles publicly helped me lose weight, and has been the therapy I need to keep going in entrepreneurship and save me from myself. Negativity has shown itself in many forms on this journey; as disconnected utilities, repossessions, self-doubt, and lost faith in family, friends, and myself. I have learned to appreciate what and who I have, see the positive in all situations, and relax as to not let the worst happen.

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