I have a neurological condition, epilepsy, that causes me to have migraine headaches and seizures that threaten my life on a daily basis. The seizures mostly occur while I am sleeping, and sometimes as a blank stare or an absence seizure. The seizures take over my body and mind, lying me down in an epileptic seizure. Leaving me a screaming corspe, foaming at the mouth, and laying lifeless on the floor for minutes. My condition can be triggered by bright or strobe lights, loud sounds, irritations, confusion, amongst the hundreds of others, but the main cause of my epileptic activity had been stress. 

Stress was a plague that followed me everywhere; home, work, school, and my relationships with family and friends. I was miserable no matter where I was or how other people treated me and that was a problem. I gained weight (around 50 pounds), could not maintain friendships, became introverted and unmotivated to do anything. After two years without seizing, I had a seizure last fall and my neurologist referred me for medical leave from work due to stress. He encouraged me to leave for several weeks to try to identify what stressors we’re causing the seizure activity and to relax my brain. The medical leave gave me quiet time, freedom to think, and helped me realize that the next seizure could take me from my daughter.  

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