Being raised a motherless child, myself, I feel extra obligated to be very hands-on in raising my own daughter. She needs to know how much she is cared for, loved, and protected. I want to be a woman that she is proud of, who breaks our families generational curses and inspires her to do the same. For that, I had to learn to value myself more than my income, trust the process of my journey, and become my favorite version of myself. I am committed to practicing Self-Mastery, operating from my Spirit, and being vulnerable so I can help others and change the world through entrepreneurship.

In 2019, I sacrificed my income, job, vehicle, everything to create a joyful and stress-free life for my family. I am embracing and the “My Favorite ME” blog as the next step on my journey. In 2020 I look foward to manifesting the me I see in my dreams living a life I love. I will respect and value myself by paying attention to my happiness and health. I pray that my the darkness my family experienced in 2019 was the light others needed to shine all through 2020.

Let’s create a life loved in 2020 together! Share your journey with me in the comments, using our Contact form, or using the hashtag #MyFavoriteME!

The blog acknowledges the journey of creative entrepreneurs, encourages community, is lowering mental illness and suicide rates by providing useful business and life information and resources to help creatives prosper creatively.

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