Sir Ervin’s Surprise Open Mic

On Friday, January 3rd, 2020, Sir Ervin James Williams III woke up Saint Louis, Missouri offering his “Surprise Open Mic”. The night was jammed packed with awesome vibes and beautiful, powerful people. Sir Ervin Williams hosted the show, with DJ Prospect, photography by The Saint Louis American, and Benjamin on the drums. Timeless Flavors chef’s, Derrick & John, provided delectable hispanic nacho and taco bar drink tickets were available for purchase at only $5. The event was held at 3020 S Jefferson St, a private event space, tickets were $10 on Eventbrite.

From the moment he spoke “we’re gonna get started here in about 5 minutes, actually before that”, Sir Ervin sparked excitement in the audience. The audience was entertainment also, with family and friends heckling the host from the audience. Sir Ervin kept the crowds attention with his relatability, making it feel more like a family reunion than an open mic. Sir Ervin was dressed upscale-casual; wearing a dark grey top hat, a vintage-styled black and green vertical striped Oxford, a classic dark navy jean jacket, dark-denim blue jeans, and pointed black boots. He commanded the attention of his crowd with his wardrobe and his classic teacher approach, calling out “if you can hear me clap once, if you can hear me clap twice”.

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