Sir Ervin’s Surprise Open Mic

The evening began with Sir Ervin, explaining to the audience “First of all… I’m just letting y’all know y’all gone do something. We not gone do crowd performances and I’m not doing 38 poems; this is not an Ervin Williams show, this is not ‘The Messengers’.” “The Messengers” is a one-man show by Sir Ervin Williams III that tells compelling stories through his performance of monologues, music, and poetry as described on the Brown Paper Tickets website. He continued “The tickets were too cheap for it to be ‘The Messengers’, so… I will not be up here playing 10 characters. You will be performing!” The show ended having 6 businesses present and twenty-one artists perform.

He announced the rules for the open mic, they were; (1) give respect to the everyone on the mic, (2) praise all of the performances, and (3) exert positive energy into the room. He had the audience turn to each to one another and recite “Hello. You are safe in this space.” A refreshing reminder to respect mental health and the vulnerability creative entrepreneurs put into their work. He gave businesses 2-minutes to speak to the audience and promote their brand.

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