Sir Ervin’s Surprise Open Mic

The open mic portion of the evening consisted of poets from Saint Louis to East Saint Louis, from thirteen year olds to vets in the poetry community. The performances were amazing, everyone gave their all and put their souls on the stage. Performances included:

  1. Happy Williams, Holistic Teacher and Poet, “Solar Buzz” (introduction performance)
  2. Dannie B., “Can I Start By Giving You Compliments”
  3. 5th Degree, “I’m Friends With the Monster That’s Under My Bed”
  4. Grant Start None It Wont Be None, comedian
  5. Unlimited the Poet, “Lessons”
  6. 16 Bars, “You See I’m From A Place in Time”
  7. The Sacred Lotus, “Do Weird Things to Your Vagina”
  8. Sir Ervin’s “Ma”, “Happy Birthday to You” (for the January babies)
  9. Benji, Drum Solo
  1. Brandon Alexander Williams, “Black Women’s Studies 101”
  2. Misses Juanita, “The New Me” (introduction performance)
  3. Vickey Renea, “Lazy Love” (introduction performance)
  4. Corey Black, “Bombs Are Bursting”
  5. Rah Rah, “Vibing” (introduction performance)
  6. Shedatruth, “Truth is I’ve Been Scared of My Pen”
  7. Invisible Man, “Get Ready, Get Set”
  8. Shea Brown, “Patiently Waiting”
  9. Jay Luvve, “Write A Love Poem”
  10. Phree, “Childhood Games Taught Me Life Lessons”
  11. SistaSols, “This Time”
  12. Survivor 432, “Survivor”
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