Sir Ervin’s Surprise Open Mic

The performances and words spoken shook and silenced the room. Sir Ervin Williams wrapped up the night, performing “Bxtch Nxggas” a moving poem, pleading for men to be positive impacts in our world. He encourages men, with intensity and grit, to protect women and take ownership for their lives and responsibilities. He spoke life into the room when he stated:

…People don’t have people to talk to. So, sometimes you have to write it down, get on this microphone, and put it off to the universe, and hopefully God and everybody else hear you and come back and help. You can scream loud. If you’re screaming loudly that you need help and your circle is not reaching out to you, you gotta switch circles. You are in the wrong circle.”

Sir Ervin Williams, Actor, Host, Poet, Writer

Sir Ervin Williams’ “Surprise Open Mic” was one for the books, professionally produced in 4 days. The event provided a platform for creative entrepreneurs in business, art, comedy, music, poetry, and writing. This event is not recurring, we’ll all have to wait until he announces the next one, I’m positive everyone is ready for it already. This was a fantastic way to kick off 2020 for the creative arts community! Check out some pictures from the event here:

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