WordUp! Open Mic celebrated it’s 5th year supporting the creative arts in Saint Louis, Missouri on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020! The celebration was also the first WordUp! open mic of the year, setting the tone for the fifty-one weeks to come. This open mic was an inclusive and safe space for the TWENTY-SEVEN performers to bare all and share their messages on stage. Dacia “InnerGy” Polk and Louis Conphliction hosted the evening, with DJ Domo on the turntables. The celebration was held at Legacy Books and Cafe, 5249 Delmar Blvd., where WordUp! will be hosted every Tuesday this year!

Doors opened at 8 pm, and DJ Domo played smooth hip-hop, rap, and R&B for the audience until the show began at 9 pm. Domo plugged the show, asking the audience to follow @wordupopenmic on all social media platforms. The show kicked off with a performance of “WordUp!” by Tipsy Wordplay, an original theme song promoting the weekly open mic! The song hyped the audience, stating “Welcome to WordUp! Where you can be heard bruh!.. Feel some good vibes with impeccable service… your admission is admitting that you’re here for a good time!” The night was just that, especially with the two-dollar wine special!

The Host & Hostess

The evening began with Louis Conphliction introducing himself and acknowledging the dedicated team that has allowed the show to run for 5 years. Lous was “professor fresh” dressed in crisp white Oxford, classic grey tie, layered with a matching full-button sweater, accented with a crisp navy blazer on top, he wore light grey dress pants and caramel dress shoes. Louis spent little time on stage before introducing his co-host, “the creator, the curator, the innovator herself”, InnerGy the Poet. InnerGy founded WordUp! in March, 2015 and she came in turning heads on the fifth anniversary of her open mic.

InnerGy walked out to Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace” asking “How y’all feel, y’all feeling good?” The crowd shouted, “Good!” She continued “Good! Y’all looking good, looking almost as good as me tonight! Oh my goodness, YAS!”, cracking the crowd up! InnerGy commanded our attention; adorned in a liquid gold, latex-fitted, slip mini dress, black suede thigh-high boots, and rose-gold accessories (metal head dress, large hoop earrings, neck choker, and bracelets). As any gracious host would, she shouted out her co-host, Louis Conphliction, DJ Domo, and D-Hawk who worked the door for the evening.

Conphliction came back to the stage, shouting out InnerGy for the extra effort she put into the event. He exclaimed, “You know how a woman turns some sh*t into home, you know what I’m saying? You got a house before a woman is in it, then you got a woman and now she turned it into ‘home’ for you. That’s how she does it, every time she walks in this mug she tries to make it home for y’all, you know what I’m saying? She really cares about y’all being comfortable and, like, it’s just so dope, I appreciate her!” The venue was decorated in, classic, black and gold, curtain lights draped the windows, tables lit by candlelight, “WordUp!” balloon towers accented either side of the stage, and a Photo Booth fit for the paparazzi in the main entrance.

See Page 2 for more on The Rules & The Performers

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