The Rules

The rules were explained for the evening, with the audience repeating, they were:

  1. Respect the mic; “Put some ‘respeck’ on they name. Any artist that gets on this stage, please respect the mic y’all.” – Louis Conphliction
  2. Turn your phone off; “Take it off pimp, put it on playa… the last thing we want is an artist getting up here, and being truthful and honest from the heart from themself, and a ring tone goes off, ruining it for everybody.” – Louis Conphliction
  3. Follow word up on social media; “@wordupopenmic, we’re on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.” – InnerGy
  4. Give love; “as much energy as you give, as much love as you give to this stage, you’re gonna get that back that much more.” – InnerGy
  5. Have a good time; “we want you to have as much fun as possible, but that involves you… Our team is going to do everything in our power to make sure you have fun.” – Louis Conphliction

Louis acknowledged how much courage it takes to perform in front of an audience, stating:

Public speaking is one of the top fears in the country. People ain’t scared of getting shot, stabbed, robbed, no hiding kids or hiding your wife, none of that sh*t. They are afraid to speak in front of people, so we are all about uplifting the art here. So if we get any artists, performing any type of art, the least you can do it give them your ear and give them your attention.”

Louis Conphliction, actor, Host, Poet, singer, & Writer

We love a mental health plug! Louis kept the night live, quizzing the audience with his rendition of the game “Would You Rather”, asking the audience questions like “Martin or In Living Color?” and “Brandy or Monica?”

The Performers

Word Up! Open mic is one of the safest, most inclusive open mic spaces that Saint Louis has to offer. Every moment was full of energy; acts included comedians, musicians, poets, rappers, and singers. Artist came region wide (as far as Detroit, Michigan) to perform on this iconic stage, helping catapult careers in artistry and entertainment. Performances included:

  1. InnerGy (poet), “A Tough Pill to Swallow”
  2. Soul Eyes (poet), “Sending Poetic Flowers to You Mom” and “Here I Am”
  3. Louis Conphliction (poet), “So I Was Chilling…”
  4. Tijanie (rapper), “Conspiracy Theories” and “Maybe I’m Just”
  5. Ontario (rapper), “On My Knees” (intro performance)
  6. Grant None (comedian)
  7. Ronnie Amin, “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised”
  8. Tipsy WordPlay (rapper)
  9. The Man of Destiny (rapper)
  10. Alex (poet), “Saint Louis Blues”
  11. T Soul (musician), “Your Fragrance…”
  12. CTA-The Mad Artist (rapper), “The Next Electronica…”
  13. Abby Tha Truth (poet), “I Pledge Allegiance To A Flag”
  1. Black (poet), (Parent Passed…) and “I Know They’re Just Trying To Figure Me Out…”
  2. Nyce (poet), “Shots Fired”
  3. Nisey (poet), “Voice 52-Keep It At That”
  4. Sunni Hutton (poet), “Dear D*ck, This Is A Love Poem”
  5. King Cooper (comedian)
  6. LD (poet), “I Wanna Fxck You To Love Making Music” and “I Was Bold Before You Got Here”
  7. Kwizz (rapper/singer), “Hard to Explain This Pain You Bringing…”
  8. Tonerio (comedian)
  9. Unlimited the Poet (poet), “Black Out Loud”
  10. Nathan (singer), “Something Has Made Me A Soldier”
  11. Brandon Alexander Williams (poet), “Mr. Write”
  12. Tommo (rapper), “I Said God Why You Call Her Home…”
  13. Jay Luvve, “Letter To Self”
  14. Nicky (poet), “I Sit Here Alone In The Dark”

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