WordUp! Open Mic

WordUp! originated in 2015 at Cabana on the Loop, moved to The Office (now Blue Lounge) with DJ Smooth, to Legacy Books and Cafe, then to Downtown St. Louis when Louis Conphliction joined, and has now returned back to Legacy for 2020! InnerGy professed WordUp! as her “labor of love”, confessing that she needs the night, just as much as the artists do “for the vibes”. She explained that the open mic, like therapy, gives her the courage to push through to the next week.

5 years ago and post-Ferguson, Dacia “was trying to figure out to bring a community of people together. How to uplift a community of people that feel so left out. How to get them to express how they really feel.” She asked herself and challenged others to think “what’s going on? What’s really happening?” She realized “there was never a revolution that did not have arts at it’s center, that the people didn’t use art as a way to climb out of the problem, the issue, or to even express what was really going on. And that art was so impactful, this is art that we can still look at today.” She continues to build a platform for art to flourish in Saint Louis, wrapping up the night by presenting awards to DJ Domo and Louis Conphliction for their support over the last year.

WordUp!’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration was exactly what the doctor ordered, elegantly and inclusively kicking off the new year. The event provided a platform for creative entrepreneurs in art, comedy, music, poetry, and writing. This is a recurring event, happening EVERY TUESDAY at 9PM. Do not miss the next open mic on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020. Check out some pictures from the event here:

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