Kristian “Kris” Blackmon presented her first art exhibition of the year on Friday, January 10, 2020 at the Urban Artist Alliance (Urb Arts) in Old North Saint Louis, MO. The opening reception for the “Black Joy IS Resistance” art exhibition showcased “the joys of Being Black”. The event began at 7 PM, featuring paintings and portraits from local #STLMADE artists, curated and hosted by Kris herself, with Siddal the Selecta as the DJ for the evening . The exhibition is available for viewing by appointment or at Urb Arts events from January 10-26, 2020.

“Black Joy IS Resistance” is a fulfilling art exhibition; the opening reception was calm and warm. Not only were viewers welcomed by the beautiful artwork surrounding them, but also a bar of sophisticated drinks and appetizers. The vibe was ‘upscale mellow’; everyone dressed hip-hop elegant and fellowshipped with each other in “black joy”!

To see 400 years of us Still’n. We STILL can empower, love, educate, elevate, see the good in, show up for and love in spite of…”

Marshata Caradine, Black Joy is Resistance Pamphlet by Kris Blackmon

See Page 2 for more on the art exhibition “Black Joy IS Resistance”

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