Black Joy IS Resistance

Kris presented everyone with a “Black Joy IS Resistance” pamphlet upon entering the gallery. The pamphlet was full of inspiring quotes from everyday Saint Louisans, expressing how they interpret black joy. Some of the artists offered their interpretations:

Black joy to me is feelings of happiness by embracing and experiencing the different aspects of black culture. The overall joy and positivity sparked from the dance performances, cultural runways, and sporting events shared by the Black and African community is black joy. This wonderful time is shown with people smiling, covering, complementing each other, and boosting each other up when needed. Black joy to me looks like succeeding, focused, determined, or just a happy commune of black people having a good time with one another, being at peace with no interruptions.

Tayari Woods, 16, Painter

Black Joy to me, is embracing being a seed planted in stone. Despite every systemic and social obstacle life has ever placed on my people, we’ve always found a way to survive and thrive. It is revolutionary to sing, dance, paint, write, and live fully and unapologetically in the skin we were taught our entire lives to hate. When we love ourselves and each other, the possibilities are infinite.

Tiana “BOJO” Bojorquez, Painter

What black joy looks like to me is being safe. Safe enough to live in your identity of not only being black but who you are completely. That means if you identify as LGBTQ then you’re accepted and loved completely. Black joy is celebrating ourselves no matter where we are. It’s loving ourselves unapologetically and extending that same love to each other.

Bobby “Phree” Williams, Painter & Poet

See Page 3 for more on The Art & The Artists

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