The Art & Artists

Ten artists shared their works with us at “Black Joy is Resistance”, each piece was carefully created and injected hope and joy into the souls in the room. Two of thee artists reignited my creative inspiration, they were; Bojo, Deonne Moore, and Marquis Terrell. Bojo presented two three-dimensional pieces highlighting black, natural hair with bright tones, butterflies, and paper flowers. Marquis Terrell floored everyone with his two pieces; “The Sun Will Shine” and the other “Black Boy Fly” showcasing the freedom to fly that black men feel as children. I starred at Deonne Moore’s “Black Joy”, an intricate painting of Tracy Ellis Ross in pink and yellow feathers for an eternity, hypnotized by the soft strokes and bright, lifelike colors. Phree and Tayari Woods both sold pieces on opening night, big ups to them!

All of the artwork was amazing, everyone captured what joy looks like as a black person. They also reminded us to keep the hope of joy for black people alive; artists featured were:

Being comfortable in your skin and being able to be who you were created to be…”

Donah Mike, Black Joy IS Resistance Phamplet by Kris Blackmon

See Page 4 for more on the curator Kris Blackmon

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