Kris Blackmon

Kristian “Kris” Blackmon is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri with a passion for Black liberation. She fights against the injustice and oppression that negatively impacts ALL people. She is an art creator and the curator of, popular exhibitions, “Invisible No More”, “I STILL Love Her”, and “R U Still Down”. She describes herself as an activist, banger, cultivator of the culture, lover of her people, organizer, rider, and truth teller.

During the intermission, Kris, took the stage to explain her piece, an edited photograph from an action march in Saint Louis, Missouri. The march was about “black women, black trans women, black girls who have been taken due to same sex violence…” per the curator. She further explained, “yo, even having people do something like this, to be a black woman, and what all that entails… we laugh and smile, we still have joy.” Everyone felt the passion and energy she put into the exhibition, it was beautiful!

Black Joy to me looks like black people maximizing their many potentials. Black joy is dreaming, pursing that dream, succeeding–then taking everything that was learned through those experiences to help the next person with their journey. Black Joy is “Each one, teach one.”

Marquis Terrell, Painter

“Black Joy IS Resistance” is available for viewing by appointment or at Urb Arts events until January 26th, 2020. The curator accepts payment plans for pieces you’re interested in, a very accommodating way of ensuring artists are paid for their works and that admirers have access to buy them.

The next art exhibition opening ceremony, curated by Kris Blackmon, is “I Am A Revolutionary”. “I Am A Revolutionary” opens on Friday, February 7, 2020 8PM at Urb Arts.

Check out some photos from the event here:

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