“I owe it to the people to teach them what I do know.” –Lady Tess (2019)

Listen calls attention to the growth and humbling that is needed to spark a revolution for change in black America. Jay Luvve keeps the crowd’s attention with his uneven cadence, strong pauses, and intelligent progressive writing style. He reminds us of our worth and that we need to compromise to end our current struggles for future generations. He pleads for our black community to stop working against each other and simply listen to each other’s ideas to be impactful.

A “Listen” and “Beats of the Ghetto” Medley by Jay Luvve
Performed at Urb Arts in Old North St. Louis, MO

The Revolution

Everyone’s trying to engineer it, revolution. You can hear the clanking of egos, all working toward the same solutions.”

Jay Luvve, Listen (2017)

“The revolution will not be televised!”, you’ve heard it too? Of all the times I’ve heard the warning, I can count the times I’ve seen actions follow. We all want equality, if we work together we can evoke the change. Coming together, unselfishly, allows us to work smarter and not harder for the revolution. When the opportunity arises, we must love on each other even more to get what we deserve. We’re all we got!

The Solution

Listen, you can hear the rustling of money tricking out on our souls. Listen, you can hear the trusting of money tricking us out of our souls.

Vision only means as much when you can hear it with your own eyes, and I for one can’t seem to see anyone listening.”

Jay Luvve, Listen (2017)

With “Team No Sleep” and sayings like “money over everything”, our people have been distracted by the “slave” mentality. It has evolved since we were enslaved but the work ethic hasn’t. Black people will work to earn a living and provide for their families, sacrificing our spirit and joy to earn a dollar. Money is enticing, but it is not the permanent fix that we need to sustain as a people in our modern society. Black people are broken, mending begins when we unite idealistically toward our common goal.

See Page 2 for “Listen” by Jay Luvve in full text

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