“Listen” by Jay Luvve

See I’ve got you now

Got you listening, can you hear it? Doubt it.

Everyone’s trying to engineer it, revolution.

You can hear the clanking of egos,

all working toward the same solutions.

Listen, when you’re building only factories, your own ignorance,

all you let out is polution.

Sell us half-rights then demand full retribution.

Sell us to have rights and then demand full attribution. Stop it.

We counter clock it because everyone wants their own way,

Just a buffet of themselves,

and we can wash that down with a little mix of mocha pride,

and you can see a truth decay right before your eyes today.

You aint got the answers Sway!

Listen, everybody’s is an overzealous hunter with no prey,

a good way to ensure that we’ll all starve.

We all have a little piece of the problem that we can all solve,

but we all talkers, no listeners.

All with opinions, no fact.

In fact, we’re all drowners of our conditions.

No life preservers, all self-preservation, no overall solution.

Won’t listen to no problems, but got the gift of gab to talk us right into execution.

That don’t sound like extermination?

You don’t see extinction in getting caught up in your own echo?

That’s just beating your repeats against the same dead horse ’til they forget or let go,

Beating your repeats against the same dead horse ’til they forget or let go,

the same dead horse until they forget or let go,

forget or let go; something’s gotta resonate.

Our ears are too filled with our own mouths,

to quick to question the opposition,

who made them the opposition?

Wasn’t all men created equal?

Yet we can’t equate equality, too much equity in competition.

Listen, you can hear the rustling of money tricking out on our souls.

Listen, you can hear the trusting of money tricking us out of our souls.

Vision only means as much when you can hear it with your own eyes,

and I for one can’t seem to see anyone listening.

Confused? I don’t blame you, its hard to hear over all this noise.

See, everyone seems to be talking but nobody will listen.

“Listen” by Jay Luvve

THROWBACK THURSDAY! The 2018 Saint Louis Poetry Grand Slam went down On October 21, 2017 at the Urban Artist Alliance (UrbArts) in Old North Saint Louis, Missouri. At the end of the slam they held a cypher including all of the poets who competed. Jay Luvve, at 10:07 PM, went in with a medley of his poems, “Listen” and “Beats of the Ghetto”. Jay Luvve is recognized as the 2018 Saint Louis Poetry Slam Champion; the event was hosted by M.K. Stallings of Urb Arts.

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