In 2012, I was introduced to the book “Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships” by Robert Lee Camp. One of my favorite people, my special sister, Selena encouraged me to look up my birthdate in the book and, just like that, I was hooked! In 2016, I purchased my own copy and have been researching myself (self-mastery), and the people around me, ever since!

The author, dedicates the book “to all seekers of truth who are willing to look where others fear to tread. May this book deepen your connection to yourself and to life here on this beautiful planet as it really is.” That’s ME, thanks Mr. Camp! Lately, I have been wondering about myself again, my personality, my interactions, my career, my life’s path, basically everything. I’ve been trying to find meaning to my struggles, the cause of my illnesses, the purpose of my life, so I reopened this book.

My Personal Significators

Now, before I get into this step on my journey toward Self-Mastery, I should explain the cards. According to Mr. Camp, we all have Personal Significators (Love Cards) that navigate our paths in life; Birth Card (BC), Planetary Ruling Card (PRC), Karma Cards (KC), Personality Cards (PC), and Karma Cousin Cards (KCC). In this post I will identify my Personal Significators, and research my BC and PRC specifically.

Find out what your card is on or by visiting, Robert Camp’s official site and get a FREE Destiny Reading!

My birthdate is January 3rd, Capricorn, so my Personal Signifiers are:

Birth CardJack of Spades (JS)
The “Actor” Card
Planetary Ruling CardTen of Diamonds (10D)
The “Blessed” Card
Karma CardsSeven of Clubs (7C)
The “Spiritual Knowledge” Card
Ten of Clubs
The “Mental Accomplishment” Card
Personality CardsJack of Spades (JS)
The “Actor” Card
Queen of Spades (QS)
The “Self-Mastery” Card
Karma Cousin CardsEight of Diamonds (8D)
The “Sun” Card
Four of Spades (4S)
The “Satisfaction in Work” Card
Past-Life CardsTen of Spades (10S)
The “Work Success” Card
Queen of Spades (QS)
The “Self-Mastery” Card
Presented & Produced by Miya Elle

See Page 2 for My Birth & Planetary Ruling Cards

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