My Birth & Planetary Ruling Cards

My Birth Card

Birth Cards represent our soul’s identity in the current lifetime and is the most important of the Personal Significators. The Birth Card can also be called the Sun Card, like in astrology, it is the card that ruled our planet on the day we were born.

My Birth Card (BC) is the Jack of Spades (JS), The “Actor” Card. So, according to the cards, my soul’s identity is an actor. The book explains, “through an excess of mental power and creativity, [Miya] can either become a visionary, a spiritual leader, or a thief.” It goes on to say, “there is no doubt about [Miya’s] creative power and [her] ability to do anything with [her] mind.” The book states that JS people do well with the public, and become successful artists and actors.

I take from this, that:

  1. Artistry is naturally in me, and has guided my life-which is pretty accurate. (New bucket list item: audition for anything!)

My Planetary Ruling Card

Planetary Ruling Cards represent the human identity we express ourselves through in life and work. The Planetary Ruling Card tells you even more about yourself, another symbol of what we identify ourselves to be more externally.

My Planetary Ruling Card (PRC) is the Ten of Diamonds (10D), The “Blessed” Card. This explains that my human identity, that I usually identify myself and present myself as, is universally blessed. Love Cards explains that the 10D “sits in the very center of the Life Spread, protected on all sides by Jupiter’s blessings. It is the card of material opulence, [Miya] is protected financially and will always have a certain amount of good luck.” It further details that some “devote their talents and resources to helping the world. With [her] creativity and intelligence, [she] is always successful in whatever [she] undertakes.”

So now, I further understand that:

  1. Artistry is naturally in me, and has guided my entire life (or should’ve been!)
  2. I am blessed; creatively, materialistically, and mentally, and I should use those blessings/talents to better the world! (I am trying!)

See Page 3 for My Life Path

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