My Life Path

I am confident that I am basically, FINALLY, following my life path according to my Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards. Last May, when I departed from my stable job, I did not know which direction my life would go. I decided to find clarity and peace by not applying for a new job and focusing on creative entrepreneurship. Since then, I have established Miya Elle as an LLC, built and launched this website, and now hopefully am encouraging artists and creating a platform for their professional identities!

It has been an adjustment having only a dream to your name, but the vision is so clear now that there is no turning back! I am excited to explore my Karma and Personality Cards in the next post! Look out for that!

Everything that happens in life, happens for a reason because we are all here purposefully. I encourage everyone, especially those who follow astrology, to research their cards to learn more about themselves and their life’s journey. A key to living a life that is on purpose is self-mastery, and you deserve to live a life you love! Love Cards can help you navigate your inner, personal, and professional relationships.

Learn about what your card reveals about you or your personal, or professional, relationships today. Click here to contact us!

Disclaimer: Love Card Analysis are based off research from the book by Robert Lee Camp, Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships. Miya Elle is NOT a licensed clinical/medical professional, any advice or analysis should not act as that of an actual legal or medical professional. Advice is taken at your personal discretion.

Thank you for reading our blog!

The blog acknowledges the journey of creative entrepreneurs, encourages community, is lowering mental illness and suicide rates by providing useful business and life information and resources to help creatives prosper creatively.

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