Big Sean and Jhene Aiko began dating in 2016, according to, around the time they released their joint album Twenty88. Big Sean, rapper, is an Aries, according to, his birthdate is March 25, 1988. Sean’s girlfriend is, singer, Jhene Aiko, born March 16, 1988; she is a Pisces by astrology. (Cougar? LOL) Sean has had much success in his career as a businessman and creative artist, and has no children of his own reported. Jhene has also had much success in the same fields, and is a mother of one. The Twenty88 artists have been dating for around four years and Jhene now has a tattoo of Sean’s face on her arm, Khitz’s website reports. Serious enough? I think so. Let’s dive in!

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Personal Significators

According to Robert Lee Camp’s book Love Cards, we all have Personal Significators or Love Cards that navigate our paths in life; Birth Card (BC), Planetary Ruling Card (PRC), Karma Cards (KC), Personality Cards (PC), and Karma Cousin Cards (KCC).

Find out what your card is on or by visiting, Robert Camp’s official site and get a FREE Destiny Reading!

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Jhene Aiko

(March 16, 1988, Pisces)

  • BC: 7D, “Spiritual Values”
  • PRC: KD, “Successful Businessperson
  • PC: JD, “Salesperson”, & QD, “Philanthropist”

Other 7Ds are Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, & Tony Hawk.

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Big Sean

(March 25, 1988, Aries)

  • BC: JC, “Mentally Creative”
  • PRC: 2C, “Conversation”
  • PC: JC, “Mentally Creative”, & KC, “Master of Knowledge”

Other JCs are Aretha Franklin, Ben Affleck, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, & Shirley Temple-Black.

See Page 2 for As A Couple: Sean & Jhene

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