As A Couple: Sean & Jhene

The Spiritual & Mentally Creative Couple

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From their BCs, we understand that Jhene Aiko is led by spiritual values, and Big Sean by mental creativity in their current lifetimes. Jhene’s PRC describes her external expression as that of a successful business person. She expresses this through her music career. Sean’s PRC is a conversationalist, shown through his successful songwriting career. Sean’s PCs tell us that he can choose to be extremely focused on mental creativity (also his BC) or mastering knowledge at any given time. Jhene’ PC show that she sometimes chooses to put her youthful energy into selling or her mature energy into philanthropy. Sean has karma to settle or receive with Jhene’s acts from her youthful, Salesperson, personality.

According to Love Cards:

  • 7D (Jhene) females are challenged by Club (Sean) males.
  • JC (Sean) males have trouble with Diamond (Jhene) females.

Sean has challenges in life due to his strong and fixed mental approach, this is especially true in love. He needs Jhene to give him the freedom to be himself, then he is devoted, an excellent lover, and faithful. Sean feels a need to tend to loved ones during his relationships, if he isn’t able he’ll have his own internal emotional health issues arise. Jhene should approach love from a spiritual place and let go of personal attachments in order to have success in relationships. She is loving, and willing to make sacrifices for those she holds dear. Jhene’s relationship with Sean challenges her to raise her love expressions to more responsible or spiritual levels. She is stubborn, which attracted this powerful relationships to her life, it will teach her valuable lessons in love.

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Disclaimer: Love Card Analysis are based off research from the book by Robert Lee Camp, Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships. Miya Elle is NOT a licensed clinical/medical professional, any advice or analysis should not act as that of an actual legal or medical professional. Advice is taken at your personal discretion.

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