Take (Self) Care!

My niece and my friend celebrated their birthdays on January 18th. Niecey had a classic house party, and my girl celebrated by playing cards at Elmo’s Love Lounge in St. Louis, MO. I really wanted to attend both events and feel terrible that either were missed; they looked like they had the best time from posts online. On Saturday, my grandmother told me that she’d found my uncle suffering from cancer complications in the hospital after he’d gone missing. I spiraled into an anxiety attack, then had an aura, and migraines. This caused me to miss their celebrations in hopes of no seizures, and I am so sorry that I couldn’t attend.

Not only did I miss my friend’s & family’s events, I missed a professional opportunity to experience the art show, “Aaliyah: One in A Million” curated by Kris Blackmon at Blank Space in St. Louis, MO. My plans for Saturday were to take my daughter to my niece’s birthday party at 4 PM, go to the art show at 7 PM, and then my friends card party at 10 PM. Unfortunately I didn’t make the art show; I missed sounds by Makeda Kravits and James Biko, and art from Deonne Moore, James Biko, Marquis Terrell, Tiana “BOJO” Bojorquez, and Tyrell Bronner. My friends said it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to Kris’s next art exhibition opening ceremony “I Am A Revolutionary” on Friday, February 7th!

Keep Living!

Epilepsy ruined my plans for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend this year, but I kept living and that’s something to celebrate! I feel terrible that I missed the birthday celebrations and the art show but hope they understand my remorse. My experience is difficult but it has matured my empathy and understanding of others hardships. This weekend taught me to celebrate (even more) with those who do show up and that it’s okay to take care of yourself. I am trying hard to be my favorite version of myself and that makes the journey worth it!

Let’s create a life loved in 2020 together! Share your journey with me in the comments, using our Contact form, or using the hashtag #MyFavoriteME!

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