UrbArts Annual MLK Day Celebration

M.K. Stallings was a great host, providing the audience with a bits of information about the history of the Annual MLK Day celebration. He explained that the celebration started a few years ago when a few students from Metro Classical Academy crafted a poem honoring MLK. M.K. explained, the idea was:

You can be a powerful, be as vocal, be as significant, be as influential as MLK.”

M.K. Stallings, Urban Artist Alliance Founder

He went on to explain, “MLK was committed to the movement for social equality, but also because MLK had a whole team of people who were going to make sure this person shined brightly.” UrbArts tries to make sure all of the youth poets shine as brightly as possible by being on their team, by supporting their efforts and their voices.

See pictures from the event:

Upcoming UrbArts Supported Events

  • Until Sunday, Jan 26th- Black Joy IS Resistance Art Exhibition by Kris Blackmon, @iamkrisblackmon
  • Friday, Feb 7th- I AM A Revolutionary Art Exhibition by Kris Blackmon, @iamkrisblackmon
  • This Spring (Feb or Mar)- Youth Grand Slam Tournament and Youth Individual Poetry Slam, www.urbarts.org
  • This Fall (October)- Brick City Slam by Pacia Elaine, www.paciaelaine.com

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