“I owe it to the people to teach them what I do know.” –Lady Tess (2019)

Amethyst Rock by Saul Williams reminds listeners of self-worth, provides history into black culture, and brings attention to racial inequalities in America. Almost twenty years after it’s original release by American Records in 2001, Williams’ words still reflect the Black-American experience and perspective of today. He acknowledges the acceptance of ourselves as God, American versus Black-American culture, chattel and corporate slavery, ‘hood mentality’, the prison pipeline, and spiritual history. Good poetry is timeless, as is this piece.

Amethyst Rock by Saul Williams
Video by: So Sincere Productions

Know Your Worth

Never question who I am, God knows, and I know God personally, in fact he let’s me call him ‘Me’…”

Saul Williams, “Amethyst Rock” (2001)

A statement of confidence! I am a firm believer that we are all God, his spirit lives in each of us. God’s spirit guides us to do what’s right in life and encourages us to live through appreciation and love. When I started living from this place, appreciating others and loving myself, my life changed drastically. I built the courage to part from my comfortable (yet toxic) job, embarked on a self-mastery journey of health and wellness, and started my own business. Please accept this post as the “go-ahead” to accept yourself as God and discover the power within you. Live life in a way that satisfies your heart, life’s purpose, and soul.

Corporate Slavery

Yea I’m lazy cause I’d rather sit and build than work and plow a field… Stealing us was the smartest thing they ever did!”

Saul Williams, “Amethyst Rock” (2001)

Africans were brought to the United States in 1776 to be American chattel slaves for the new settlers in the country. Europeans understood that America could not be built solely on their ideas, so they forced our Ancestors to the country to help with development. African-American Chattel Slavery ended when the Thirteenth Amendment was passed by President Lincoln’s administration in 1865. Slavery and the slave mentality continues today through corporate slave ship for African-Americans and other minorities. Like slavery, Large businesses make up the bulk of our employment pool; and like the slave ships, they give us just enough to get “there” (wherever that is for you) and still suffer economically. In an effort to change this perspective, I have established Miya Elle Creative Operations Agency to help creative entrepreneurs start their own businesses, and/or manifest their dreams.

Understand, Africans were forced to America as slaves, causing us to only know working for the European as a means of survival in their economy. Our Ancestors slaved themselves, raised their children as slaves, and when they were freed they went back to work for the same “Masters” who owned them to begin with. Familiar? Centuries have passed and now we have been convinced that, not only, do we have to work for their businesses to earn an income but we have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend their colleges. Colleges that only guarantee most minorities an entry level position at their businesses and/or corporations. Generational inheritance comes in many forms, the slave mentality being one of them. I encourage you to look inside yourself, listen to your spirit, and find a career or start a business doing what brings you joy. If you can think it, you can have whatever life you want (working for an established company or being your own boss)!

See Page 2 for “Amethyst Rock” by Saul Williams in full text

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