Last Friday, January 24th, 2020, rapper Dre’Co celebrated the opening night for his 2020 debut “Why/Not: The Tour”. The opening night was nostalgic and high energy, with people dancing and rocking on the dance floor all night long. Headliner Dre’Co brought his talented crew together; featuring DJ Climate, Crusade the Brand Band, Guitarist Moses, & Vocalist Bean, creating an intimate and soulful vibe. The event was shot by Topp, St. Louis photographer and videographer, and owner of FamEstablishment LLC. The tour is sponsored and supported by Classics Only LLC, Saint Louis University, the SLU Billikens, and SLUnatics. The event was held at Busch Student Center on the Saint Louis University campus, tickets were FREE on Eventbrite.

The opening ceremony for Dre’Co’s Why/Not tour kicked off with old school jams, getting the crowd hyped for the performances to come. DJ Climate had us jamming to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”, Dr. Dre’Co’s “The Next Episode”, Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz” amongst other classic hits. During his mic check, Climate reminded the audience that the bar was open and food was being served, also encouraging us to kick-back and relax. After a while, Crusade the Brand Band joined DJ Climate on stage, providing smooth and soothing sounds; including Basist Tuck, Drummer Lando, & Keyboardist Deezy. The collaboration played until Dre’Co’s performance reel video dropped on every screen in the room, it was FANTASTIC!

We’re about to go on a journey… that journey is YOUR passion… make sure that you don’t lose that. Whatever your passion is… A lot of times people can get lost in their passion, but by the end of this you will have reached that passion, and don’t lose yourself when you get to it.”

Dre’Co, Why/Not The Tour

Dre’Co not only provided the audience with a memorable concert, but also an opportunity to fellowship in encouragement. He kept the energy and inspiration high all night! After concluding “Why/Not”, Dre’Co laid down the rules for the evening, they were:

  1. No acting “bourgeois” tonight
  2. We’re not “too cool” tonight
  3. Stand close to the stage, as to not “miss the vibe”
  4. It’s okay to move… but we knew that!

See Page 2 for more on and photos from the Why/Not Tour

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