In his performance reel, Dre’Co explained his creative process and how he makes his music impactful, personal, and transcendent. He explained that most (if not all) of his tracks start from a conversation between him and his producer, a “check-in” if you will. From the topics comes the beats; his producer vibes the conversation with a beat, after which Dre’Co begins his writing process and laying down vocals. Dre’Co states “I don’t look for the sound, I look for the story”. The album, SeenUnseen by Dre’Co, and his performances on his Why/Not: The Tour set, audiences can hear and feel the work they put in to pull the project together.

I just need to tell my story, that’s first and foremost. Music is therapeutic, and I love to write… That’s what we bring to the music game. I needed to tell my truth…When it’s all said and done, all I have is my truth.”

Dre’Co, Why/Not Tour Reel Video

The Why/Not Tour’s set went off! Dre’Co’s performances were super up with energy; everyone was on their feet, dancing and rocking to the beats, with heads nodding out-of-control. Here is the Why/Not Tour Set-List:

  1. Why Not – Dre’Co
  2. P.O.H. – Dre’Co
  3. Mondaze – Dre’Co
  4. Don’t Sleep – Dre’Co
  5. Just Know – Dre’Co
  1. Audacity – Dre’Co
  2. Point Blank – Dre’Co
  3. Gold Plated (SLU anthem) – Dre’Co
  4. Bamboo Stick – Dre’Co
  5. Take Time – Dre’Co

As we checked in to the venue, we were given raffle tickets for prize giveaways. During his set he pulled random ticket numbers and provided two lucky audience members with a $25 gift card; one to Macy’s, and the other to Amazon, gifting his most loyal fan with a Why/Not windbreaker, and taking a selfie with the crowd. During the evening, Dre’Co surprised us with the SLU Billiken joining the him and the crowd for the performance of “Who You Wit”. The song was written as an anthem to celebrate the Saint Louis University Billikens. With “Gold Plated” instrumentals playing behind him, Dre’Co shouted out the entrepreneurs in the crowd, advising his audience to support local businesses! During the performance of “Just Know”, the lead guitarist showed-off his riffs, and by the end of the show was playing with his teeth! Why/Not: The Tour is something special, that everyone needs to see!

You can never can see what your potential can be, live free… You can never view everything you’re supposed to do… You can never know where your wings gone go, til ya lift off!”

Dre’Co, “Why Not”

Dre’Co’s “Why/Not..The Tour” was classically and professionally produced. The event provided a nice space to chill and listen to good music. This event is not recurring, we’ll all have to wait until he announces the next one, and we’re all ready! I’m looking forward to Dre’Co’s next move, putting on for the St. Louis music industry! Check out some pictures from the event here:

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