Last year in November sometime, life happened and I broke my iPhone 8+. Now, it wasn’t broken, like broken, the screen was just shattered in a million pieces it seemed. The screen laid there missing chunks of glass, harboring my memories and pictures, and I panicked!

I just could not bring myself to pay someone else $125 – $300 for a project that may not even fix the phone and allow me to see the screen. The solution? FIX IT MYSELF!!!! I’m a tinker; I love figuring out projects, building things, and learning new ways of fixing things. Fixing a phone… how hard could that really be?

Replacing an iPhone 8+ glass screen isn’t easy, but it was NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

I ordered an iPhone 8 Plus Screen/Black/Fix Kit ($74.99) and Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus ($6.99) from IFIXIT, a technical self-repair company online. I ordered the Fix Kit on July 1, 2020 and received it on July 9, 2020. Not bad. 

The IFIXIT website gives step-by-step instructions that help with the installation and repair process, which was essential! I absolutely wouldn’t have known what to do without their guidance. 

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