iPhone 8+ Screen Repair Final Steps

Step 6: detach the black flimsy pieces (“display cable”) that connects the screen to the base of the phone on the right side of the battery using the (included) spudger or a fingernail.

I broke this attachment. I was scared that it ruined the repair, but (1) I think I broke that when I cracked the screen, and (2) the replacement screen has a new one attached! YAYY!!!

Step 7: Detach the second black flimsy piece (“front panel sensor assembly”) at the top right corner of the phone.

Step 8: Remove the screws, silver plate (“bracket covering), and life the little black rectangle piece to the right of the back of the screen that are securing the home button to the broken phone screen.

DO NOT LOSE THE SCREWS!!! IFIXIT Magnetic Project Mat ($19.99)

Step 9: Remove the broken glass screen (“display assembly”).

OOPS: I ordered black instead of white… I didn’t think to look before I ordered it but whatevs! LOL

Step 10: Remove the bracket, that secures the home button sensor, from the broken phone.

IFIXIT iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus Replacement Home Button ($24.99)

Step 11: Gently lift the home button’s cable connector to disconnect from the back of the screen.

Step 12: Gently remove the home button through the FRONT of the broken screen.

YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY completed the removal process for the broken phone screen! Now, for replacing the screen and putting it back together (basically the same steps in reverse. (I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it!—Missy Elliott)

Step 9: Transfer the home button to your new replacement screen and reattach the black rectangle, and screw in the silver plate.

Step 10: Line the blue adhesive overlay sheet one the base of the phone.

It needs to be perfectly aligned for the adhesive to secure properly. 

Step 11:  Use the blue flap at to remove the access overlay sheet, this will leave a blue line around the phone’s base. This IS the adhesive for the replacement screen.

REATTACHING the Screen Connector Cables:

TO REINSTALL follow the same steps in reverse. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

Replacing the broken screen for my iPhone 8 Plus wasn’t so bad after all. It took about an hour for me to complete. The guide expressed that it could take between 30 and 90 minutes to complete. All the tools included in the Fix Kit were essential, so I would recommend getting the full kit versus just the screen.

It was fulfilling completing this project because I NEVER thought that I would be repairing a screen to any phone. I am so proud of myself and turns out that the phone works FINE- only the screen was broken. I would not recommend you to try this alone if you don’t know how to replace screens, but I also won’t say don’t try at all.

I will never pay for a screen replacement ever again!

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