“I owe it to the people to teach them what I do know.” –Lady Tess (2019)

Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out by Brandy Norwood is a ballad that allows the listener to vibe to a heartbreak song. The lyrics are simple and powerful, with quotables like ” I guess it wasn’t true, when you said ‘I love you'” and “It used to be that you couldn’t live without me, but now you think you’re better off without me”. She has a deep, raspy, and calming tone to her voice that swallows your whole heart. From the first cord your sucked in, and even if you’re falling out of love or wish you were in it differently… you’ll LOVE this song- it’s poetry.

Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out by Brandy
Video by Brandy

Can Love be Lost?

How could you let me believe, you couldn’t leave me if you never loved me?.. If you were in love then why let go?

Brandy Norwood, “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out” (2002)

Most people have experienced a love lost and the feelings that comes from that abandonment. These feelings tend to carry on into other relationships, helping or hindering our emotional growth. This song transitions from the hurt of these situations, to the strength we all have to pull through. It reminds us that we’ll make a way and that it’ll be okay in the end.

As a little girl, I wondered all of the time how a woman who loved me, could hurt me so. I loved my mother with all of my heart, no matter what she said or did (painful or not). She was the most beautiful mother I’d ever known or seen. She reminded me of my beauty and encouraged me to always use my brain for good. Then, suddenly she was gone. Never to be seen for years. I’d experienced a lot of pain, at her expense, in my 8 years and I was happy to go with my grandmother but I never expected that it would be years before I saw my mother again. I couldn’t understand how she could let me go, but I learned to accept it and to cope. My mother was the first person to break my heart, before I even knew what true love was. This song reminds me of all the feelings that fled me and those that aroused, being an abandoned only child.

What is Lost, Can Always Be Found

I cannot believe that I loved ya, but it wasn’t meant to be… because love just wouldn’t count me out.

Brandy Norwood, “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out” (2002)

We all fall victim to love, and hopefully when we do it’s a choice that brings joy into our lives. Sometimes we fall in love with those we aren’t supposed to, or at the wrong time. However it happens, the light at the end of the tunnel is love, and it will find a way back to you. Whether in the form of friendship, with family, or romantically. All love counts and any love can bring you through, if you allow it. Sometimes we forget the sweetness of love when it turns sour, but it is the most beautiful thing this world gives us.

For me, this has been a long-time struggle. My mother was the first love I’d ever had, her and my dad. So, by the time I’d realized what I thought was love in my teens, I fell hard and wrong. I had no guidance in my relationships with young or adult men, and they grew toxic. Since then, I’ve been on this journey to find the love within myself, so that I could properly love those around me. It’s been a constant battle, but I’m making my way. So just because my mother couldn’t love me, which is a burden I’d bear for most of my life, and those who I thought could, wouldn’t, I still believe in love. Love in all forms, and I believe it is always present in the hide-and-seek game of Life.

See Page 2 for “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out” by Brandy Norwood in full text

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