Review: Twins the New Twin

Anywho, the boys could be doing anything at their age, we often assume the worst of their generation. Although, we feel old in the process, I honor the boys for introducing up-and-coming generations about the great music that has been made and what they’re missing out on. The Twins also remind us of the music that we miss, agreeing with us that they need to bring that 2000s and older music BACK to the mainstream. They take breaks from time-to-time to focus on their jobs and mentorship, and boy do I appreciate these young men! They give me hope for the future, almost like President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Improvement Tip: I wish they’d post a few reactions to videos they didn’t enjoy as much, which could help younger generations trust their opinions more.

Twins the New Trend keeps me encouraged that we’re going to be okay, that the new generation does care about us, and that our music is the BEST… still.

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