My Favorite Miya

Miya Elle is a Creative Operations Manager and the sole-proprietor of Miya Elle LLC. She officially established Miya Elle LLC as a creative operations management agency on May 15th, 2019 by the State of Missouri. Miya considers herself a Creative; athletic coach (cheer, dance, & track), dancer (ballet, ballroom, jazz, & hip-hop), designer (graphic, interior, & web), life-coach, organizer, painter, planner (event & life), sketch artist, small business developer, stylist (clothes, hair, & make-up), and writer (blog, essays, & proverbs).

She has an extensive professional history; she has been blessed to work with corporations, non-profit organizations, public schools, and a host of creative entrepreneurs. She has a strong educational background; attending Saint Louis Public Schools, University of Missouri-Columbia, Southeast Missouri State and Lindenwood universities.

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