Love Cards help with understanding the decisions that we make in life and love and steer us in the right direction on our journey toward purpose. Learn how to live life on purpose, and love it by researching your Love Cards!

What Are Love Cards?

Love Cards explain what your birthday reveals about your internal, personal, and professional relationships. Robert Lee Camp dedicated his book, “Love Cards: What YOUR BIRTHDAY Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships”, to all seekers of truth who are willing to look where others fear to tread. He hopes for his book to deepen internal connections and the connection to life here on the planet as it is.

The purpose of the Love Cards are personal significators that (1) present information about each birthday of the year, and (2) give unique insight into your personal relationships.

Personal Significators

Birth Card (BC): represents our soul’s identity in the current lifetime and is the most important of the Personal Significators. The Birth Card can also be called the Sun Card, like in astrology, it is the card that ruled our planet on the day we were born.

Planetary Ruling Card (PRC): represents the human identity we express ourselves through in life and work. The Planetary Ruling Card tells you even more about yourself, another symbol of what we identify ourselves to be more externally.

Karma Cards (KC): reflects areas of spiritual challenge and growth, and past-life gifts (not applied to the set of Seven cards). Karma Cards are mirrors of some of our qualities, and tell us about the most significant people in our life who we have strong karmic ties to from previous lifetimes. In most cases, we have a karmic card for a debt to be paid and a debt to be paid to us from a previous lifetime.

Personality Cards (PC): represents optional identities or roles chosen to play at different times during life, this identity is only strong if we make it and can change at will. Personality Cards are like hats that we can put on and take off at any moment; they are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings of the deck.

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Disclaimer: Love Card Analysis are based off research from the book by Robert Lee Camp, Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships. Miya Elle is NOT a licensed clinical/medical professional, any advice or analysis should not act as that of an actual legal or medical professional. Advice is taken at your personal discretion.

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