10H have the ‘power in love’, will make the first move, and have good love karma. They are willing to work for the love they want in personal relationships, leading to success in love or marriage. 1oH are charming and well-liked, and are attracted to those of power. Relationships with Diamond women are karmic and difficult, as they remind the 10H of their indecisive and fickle traits. 10H people are very smart smart, they apply their creative energy and mental power to their love lives.



  • Club women (10H-M)
  • Spade males
  • Spade females are good for marriage (10H-M)


  • Diamond females
  • QD women especially
  • Diamond males (10H-F)

Tens of Hearts Birth Card Family

  • Marsie C., Entrepreneur & Lash Technician (Las Vegas, NV)

10H Celebrities

July 31st
  • J. K. Rowling, Author
  • Lil’ Uzi Vert, Rapper
  • Mark Cuban, Investor
  • Rico Rodriguez, Actor
  • Wesley Snipes, Actor
August 29th
  • John McCain, Politician
  • Lea Michele, Actress
  • Michael Jackson, Singer
September 27th
  • Avril Lavigne, Singer
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress
  • Lil’ Wayne, Rapper
  • Steve Kerr, Basketball Player
  • Trick Daddy, Rapper
October 25th
  • Bob Knight, Basketball Coach
  • Ciara, Singer
  • Craig Robinson, Comedian
  • Katy Perry, Singer
  • Pablo Picasso, Painter
November 23rd
  • Miley Cyrus, Actress
  • Robin Rene Roberts, Journalist
  • Snooki, Reality TV
December 21st
  • Ha Ha Davis, Comedian
  • Jane Fonda, Actress
  • Phil Donahue, Talk Show Host
  • Ray Ramano, Comedian
  • Samuel L. Jackson, Actor

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