The 2020 STL Poetry Slam Team

The 2020 Saint Louis Poetry Slam (STL Poetry Slam) is comprised of five poets; Coach Jay Luvve, Grand Champion Phree, Just Rich, Motormouth, and Zaid Hamz. Jay Luvve and Phree have competed with the team in years prior, Just Rich, Motormouth, and Zaid are joining the team for their first season in slam. This year the team will compete at the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in Cleveland, OH (June 25-28, 2020) and the Southern Fried Poetry Festival in Ybor City (Tampa), FL (June 10-14, 2020).

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The 2020 Saint Louis Poetry Slam Team
(from left to right): Zaid Hamz, Motormouth, Just Rich, and Phree (Jay Luvve-not pictured)

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