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Photo Credit: Entrepreneur Quartlery, St. Louis Magazine, & Z McGowen

Urb Arts was founded by M.K. Stallings in Old North Saint Louis, Missouri in August 2001. Their mission is to create platforms and platform creatives for youth and community development. Their website explains that the idea behind the Urban Artist Alliance was the concept of “social arts”. Urb Arts created a space where actors, musicians, poets, visual artists, and writers can “create art that reflect the conditions AND POSSIBILITIES of their communities”. They showcase art that “challenges, disrupts, and tells truth about society from the artist’s perspective”.

UrbArts Membership

Urb Arts offers memberships that helps guests who like staying in the loop about community events and attending Urb Arts events. There are three membership options: Artist, Family & Friends, and Individual.

Artist Membership*

$50 – Artist with memberships have access to group art exhibitions, opportunities for solo shows, rehearsal and tech runs, and production partnerships with UrbArts. $10 – Youth

Family & Friends

$60 – Family & Friends memberships give your choice of 5 guests (including you) a discount of 15% on box office purchases, classes, original art, venue rental, and yoga.


$30 – Individual membership gives a 10% discount on box office purchases, classes, original art, venue rental, and yoga.

*Artists also receive discounts on box office purchases, classes, original art work, venue rental, and yoga.

Additional Member Benefits

Specific benefits include:

  • discounted rental rate for event space at the UrbArts Art Gallery
  • discounted vendor opportunities
  • event partnership opportunities
  • networking opportunities
  • registration discounts
  • retail opportunities
  • voting rights for UrbArts award programs

Purchase your membership here: www.urbarts.org!

Contact Information

2600 North 14th Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63106
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

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